The Gillen House is a place to relax and escape. We offer four comfortable guest rooms, three with king beds and one with a queen. Each room is appointed with comfortable furniture, relaxed colors, and wonderful artwork. All rooms have full en-suite bathrooms

When you stay at the Gillen House, breakfast is included, and each day allows for new menu offerings. Evening dining may be arranged by request when making your reservation.

The property consists of 2 acres of grounds including a pecan orchard, vegetable & herb garden, pond and golf putting green. Enjoy relaxing on the back deck with the sounds of the waterfall or upstairs screen porch to enjoy a wonderful sunset.

Located in Maxeys Georgia, the Gillen House is a short drive east of Athens. In addition to the enjoyment of the house and property, there are many great things to explore in and around the area.

About The Gillen House Proprietors

Cynzia Sanchez and Edward Toledano had a vision of creating a place to slow down, relax, breathe, and be in the moment. Discovering the beautiful home located in Maxeys, Georgia, that was built with 10 railroad cars of brick in 1920, they embarked on the creative adventure called the Gillen House Bed and Breakfast.

Escaping the big city of Atlanta and all that that comes with living in a place with seven million other people, they were both ready to make a lifestyle change. Cynzia was co-owner of a successful moving company that has been in business 30 years, and Edward had a marketing and sales career that spanned 25 years. Combing their desires for a life of creative living and enjoyment of being with others, they took the plunge and have created an oasis in the country of east Georgia.

Cynzia is an accomplished artist, with a Master of Fine Arts Degree from Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD), and an Architectural Degree from Georgia Tech. Her creative needs were not being met in the city, and a country escape to allow her to pursue art career is a main reason for the opening of the Gillen House. She now has her studio in the house and also displays her work throughout the house as her Gallery.

Edward has a creative focus in art as well. His work is mainly photography and art made with found objects. Additionally, his love of the outdoors and landscape architecture was a draw to the wonderful piece of land with mature plants and trees.

Cynzia and Edward both have the desire to share their home with friends and guests, while having the opportunity to be a part of a community that is welcoming and caring. They invite everyone to come and Enjoy the SlowLane for a while.

About the Gillen House 

In 1838, at the age of 20, Andrew Gillen Sr. came to America from Ireland, and settled in Pennsylvania for two years, then moved to Penfield, Greene County, Georgia in 1840. He was a drainer by trade, having learned that profession in Ireland. He was a Catholic when he came to Georgia but soon after arriving joined the Baptist church.

Sometime around 1850 he moved to Oglethorpe County, planting his families roots in Maxeys, Georgia. The Gillen's have been connected with the business life of Maxeys and vicinity almost since the formation of the town. Gillen Sr. acquired many acres of land and became a well-to-do planter.

One remarkable thing about his life is that he never entered a courthouse - as he didn't believe in court - thinking it is not right that everybody should obey the law. He married Elizabeth J. Tuggle in 1852 and had four children; Samuel Thomas, Patrick H, Andrew J, Franklin D. 

Andrew J.Gillen Jr. - Builder of the Gillen House in 1920

Andrew J. Gillen Jr. was born in Maxeys in 1862. He was one of the leading merchants in town. He promoted the development of Maxeys by selling lots and building homes in order to attract new settlers. He established a large department store known as The Gillen Department Store, carrying a full line of ready-to-wear , shoes, and millinery, in addition to all kinds of farm equipment. He served for a number of years on the county Board of Education.